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I.L.A. Local 1997
P.O. Box 96015
Wentworth St.
Oshawa Ontario Canada
L1G 8M4

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Phone: (905)579-1358
Fax: (905)579-1965

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The Union does not accept members directly from the public.  However, we accept resumes and applications from prospective workers for our “Cardsmen” pool of workers. If interested, please send your resume to the following e-mail to [email protected].

About Us

The ILA local 1997 is a representative union of dedicated stevedores servicing the Port of Oshawa, Ontario.  We have been a union at the Port of Oshawa since 1976 offering our services though our employer QSL.  It is our mission to provide representation for workers for safe, reliable and effective stevedoring through our employer.

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